from by Waltz Brigade



letter arrived
in strange handwriting
cut to erase
what we have done
you thought I didn’t
mind just a little
poison on my tongue

what does the sea
feel like, sound like
is the sunshine warm
on her face
I miss my friend, the girl
where are you
keeping her these days

In Christchurch
In Christchurch
Hosanna she lives

this memory
a bolt of laughter
cut from the stalk
still the roots
keep drawing water
some secret flower
blooming in a loop

In Christchurch
In Christchurch
Hosannah she lives

out where she’s swimming
the sun is rising
still cold and dark
on my side
there it is summer
she’s living under
quietly beneath
the smirking curve of the world

(sunrise! tomorrow!
her heart beats! tomorrow!
o glory, her heartbeat
is out there still)

I’ll set someone working night and day to watch over her
someone I’ll forget so that I won’t know either of us
if it happens that years from now I pass us in
the bustle of any busy city street


from Slow Mountain EP, released March 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Waltz Brigade Washington, D.C.

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